Pairi Daiza

The most beautiful animal park in Europe is only 22 km (13 miles, a 20 minutes drive) away. It is wonderful to walk in the 'gardens of the world'. You imagine yourself in Africa, China, Canada, Australia, … Besides animals (pandas, lions, wolves, polar bears, …) and gardens, you can also have a delicious meal. The Chinese restaurant is perhaps the best in Belgium. Off course there are also other restaurants (African, traditional French, fastfood, ...). There is a very large outdoor playground. When it rains you can visit the 'Oasis' (a giant tropical greenhouse), a castle full of aquariums, a whale-boat filled with reptiles. There is even an indoor playground for the children.

This zoo is far too large to visit in one day. It is much nicer to spread the visit over serveral days, so that you can enjoy everything without hurrying. A subscription costs only a bit more than two entrances, so you might even come back in another season. The theme days (summer nightly concerts, Helloween, Xmas) are very worth while.

More information can be found on the Pairi Daiza website.

All pictures have been taken by ourselves.

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